Young Playwrights' Theater inspires young
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Dedicated Donors

Here we highlight the generous people who help make our work possible, our donors. Read below to find out more about who they are and why they choose to give to YPT.

Sophia Lewin Adams
Dedicated Donor, December 2016

YPT could not do what we do without the support of our many amazing donors. From volunteering their time to contributing financially to cheering on our students, these incredible people keep YPT going and bring our work to life!

Periodically, we like to feature our donors in a series we call Dedicated DonorsThis month’s donor is: Sophia Lewin Adams!

Sophia is a beloved member of the YPT family, and recently became a monthly donor. We are delighted to share her story with you!

Kareem Shaban
Dedicated Donor, December 2015
YPT's December Dedicated Donor is: Kareem Shaban!

Kareem is a friend of YPT Community Engagement Associate Laura Wood, and has become one of YPT’s most steadfast donors and volunteers. We thank Kareem for the myriad ways in which he supports DC’s young artists!

Click below for our interview with Kareem.

Kalynda Chivon Smith, Ph.D
Dedicated Donor

YPT could not do what we do without the support of our many amazing donors. From volunteering their time to contributing financially to cheering on our students in the audience, we are lucky to have such a wonderful community of support.

Periodically, we like to feature our donors in a series we call Dedicated DonorsThis month’s donor is: Kalynda Chivon Smith, Ph.D!

Kalynda is a monthly donor who first discovered YPT through friend and YPT company member Bryan Norrington (originator of such legendary characters as Tim the Sloth and Broccoli Man). We chatted with Kalynda recently to learn a bit more about her own passions and what inspires her to support YPT!

Jane Hans and Suzanne Mann
Dedicated Donors

For the past three years, YPT has been privileged to receive generous gifts from ITT Defense and Information Solutions in Virginia. In July 2011, YPT reached out to ITT HR Programs Coordinator Suzanne Mann and ITT Contracts Coordinator Jane Hans to thank them for supporting YPT students and to learn more about what inspires them to keep giving. 

YPT: First, tell us a little bit about yourselves. What do you like to do for fun?

Suzanne: We both like to run when we can find the time. We also enjoy relaxing with our husbands and traveling as much as possible. We have both been to Italy in recent years. We love Italian food and wine!


YPT: And now for a very important question - If Hollywood made a movie about your life, whom would you like to play the lead role?


Suzanne: Jennifer Aniston.


Jane: Zooey Deschanel!

Katie White
Dedicated Donor

Katie White was introduced to YPT by her daughter, a former YPT student at Wilson Senior High School who was featured in the New Play Festival. “It was amazing to see her play come to life with real actors playing the roles,” Katie remembers. “That was the beginning of a great relationship between my daughter and YPT, and I was lucky to continue to be able to follow the organization through her.”

Katie has enjoyed a life long love of the arts. She holds a BA degree in Theatre, and she was an actress in elementary, junior and senior high school. She still remembers all the songs from her junior-high play "People i.e."
Katie continues to believe strongly in the arts, and particularly in the power and importance of arts education in the classroom. She was inspired to give to YPT after watching the 2009 New Play Festival, and witnessing first-hand what a difference YPT can make in the lives of young people from all over DC. “I hope YPT will use the funds for whatever needs the organization has,” Katie says, “and that it will make some small difference to the programs.”
To anyone considering donating to YPT, Katie says, “Give whatever you can to this really important organization. If one child a year decides that he or she can be a writer, or an actor, or can attend college, the impact is HUGE. In addition to adding to the artistic education of kids who can afford to follow their dreams, this organization reaches out to children who don't have the privileges others take for granted. What a great way to expose these children to the arts and allow them to express themselves and their life situations.  It will make a difference to them and others who are fortunate enough to experience their work.”

Carol Falk and Alan Johnson
Dedicated Donors

Carol Falk and Alan Johnson are long-time DC residents who have been involved with YPT for the past two years. 

"We donate to Young Playwright’s Theater because we have been to a number of their productions, seeing first-hand what they are accomplishing with young people from a wide variety of backgrounds in our public schools," Carol says. 
Carol and Alan also have volunteered their time, serving as ushers at YPT events such as the New Play Festival and New Writers Now!
Alan taught mathematics in DC Public Schools for 31 years.  "For the last nine I taught at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, where I witnessed the value of the arts in stimulating learning," Alan says.  Carol is a former journalist and volunteer adviser to student newspapers at the DC schools attended by their children. "I have a special interest in seeing that young people are taught to communicate their ideas clearly and effectively," she says. "Besides, we enjoy good theater!" they add.

Without the support of dedicated donors like Carol and Alan, YPT programming would not be possible.

2013-2014 Donors

YPT is deeply grateful for all the amazing donors who are supporting our programming and performances this year. Without you, there would be no YPT.

For details on the giving levels listed below, click here!



Jocelyn Greene and John Beryle

Miriam Gonzales and Michael Fitzpatrick

Essence Newhoff and Paul Gardullo

Glenn Greene

The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving - Harry E. Goldfarb Family Foundation Fund

The Charles and Joan Hermanowski Family Foundation

Kathryn Kincaid and Michael Lainoff





Steven Brabazon

Jon and Laura Chace

Ken and Anne Greene

Laurence Platt and Clare Herington

The Jerome A. and Deena L. Kaplan Family Foundation    

Thomas Joseph                       

Karen Kok

Amy Fishman Kurz



Carol and Jay Baker

Bruce Hirsh and Marney Cheek

Matthew and Lena Frumin

James Kelleher                     

Catherine Nagel

Sue and Larry Soler



Nancy Bagot

Simi Batra

Jill Harrison and Erik Berg

Candace Bertotti

Ann and David Boomsma

Elizabeth Bradley

Damian Bridges

Ken and Heidi Brotman

Ben-James Brown

Albert Cacozza, Jr. and Ann Bushmiller

Amy Campbell

Caroline Celano

Laura Shane and John Cerniglia

Frank and Margaret Cervarich

James Chang

Duncan Chaplin

Matt Miller and Hye Sook Chung

Louis and Bonnie Cohen

Janice Cori

Laurie Loomis de Mancebo

Chris Dickerson                    

John Dowd

Elizabeth Duncan

Anne Eigeman

Elaine Fishman

Ben and Leila Fitzpatrick

Joseph Foley

Kevin Gahan

Greg and Lisa Giesler

Ted Groll

James and Andrea Hamos

Francine Hope-Pressley

Mark Otto and Sydney Jacobs

Patricia Jagtiani

Carol Falk and Alan Johnson

Ken Jost

Kathy Judd

Paul and Pamela Kaplan

Gregg Kelley

Karl K and Carroll Benner Kindel

George and Lisa Kok

Lisa Landmeier

Hugh Lester





Nana Adu-Krow

Rachel and Elijah Alper

Dale Stein and Dominic Ambrosi

Mark Anderson

Dave Ascoli

Debra and James Ascoli

Maura and Mike Beauregard

Theresa Becker

Max Bentovin

Patrick Kraich and Barbara Berlin

Adrienne Berman

Alison Beyrle

Cari Beyrle

Rupa Bhattacharyya 

Mel Bieler

Mark Blacknell

Aaron Bliden

Mika Boblitz Zachary

George Bozzini

Lauren Brandes

Nevie Brooks

Katie Brown

Michael Brown                        

Allison Bruce

Jeffrey Buck

Rasheen Carbin

Katy Beth Cassell

Frank Cervarich

Rachel Cervarich

Gail and Sid Cervarich

Hanna Chouest

Edward Churchill

Lindsay Cloe

Naomi Cohen

Gayle Monkkonen and Robert Corcoran

Robert Coughlin

Louis Crishock

Allyson Currin

Helyn Dallas

Mary Ann and Alfredo de Barbieri

Sarah Deibert

Lawrence Delino

Amanda Demczuk

Leah D'Errico

Jake DeVirgiliis

Catherine DiSanza

Karen Doherty

Loretta Douglas

Judith Douglas

Justin Dull

Michael Eck

Peter Eisler

Ashley Elstro

Ilana Feldman

Abby Fenton

Zachary Fernebok

Phil Fine

Ever Flores

Aubrie Ford

Dominic Foster

Karen and William Fowkes

Grace Freund

Devorah Gabai

Generic Theatre Company         

Alice Gibson

Katherine Gigliotti

Kathleen Girvin

Ashley Glennon

John Goben

Ross Godwin

Tony Golan-Vilella

Collin and Lexie Grant

Janet Greene

Ken and Cathy Greene

Deb Grimley

Ali Grusell

John Hamilton

Meredith and Alex Hanafi

Ilana Hand

Amy and John Harbison

Liza Harbison

Diane Harris

Danielle Harvey

Sarah Heuser

Kathleen Hiban

Jean Marie Hill

Melissa Hmelnicky

Scott Hunter

Margaret Ilersich

Kathrine Jeffries

Noel Johnson

Lily Rea and Nicole Jost

Andrew Jost

Chitra Kalyandurg

Lauren Kane

Alice Kapp

Margaret Egan and Richard Kashmanian

Jay Kasten

Adrienne Keamy

Susan Kelly

Alanna Kelly

Kenneth and Roberta Kirshbaum

Karen Kizer

Pete Kopp

Emily Krahn

Randi Kurz

Linda La Pierre

Zach Landau

Erika Landberg

Noah Langer



2014 Giving Voice Award Gala Supporters

Jay and Carol Baker

Susan Bandler

Kenga Beghy Ngonda

Jill and Erik Berg

Jocelyn Greene and John Beyrle

Mark Branchflower

Ben-James Brown

Ilene and Chuck Bupp

Tim Burger

Amy Campbell

Frank and Margaret Cervarich

Rachel Cervarich

Jon and Laura Chace

Michael Chandler

James Chang

Edmund Choy

Adam Cole

Janice Cori

Doris Cutler

Sarah Dachos

Leah Davis

Tom and Salena Jo Day

Mary Ann and Alfredo de Barbieri

Luis DeLeon

Mary Lou Demeo

Ann Deschamps

Thomas Holzman and Allison Drucker

Suzanne Edgar

Anne Eigeman

James and Janice Feather

Manuel Figallo

Phil Fine

Miriam Gonzales and Michael Fitzpatrick

Samantha Fluxgold

Julia Ford

Lindsay Giese

Teresa Grana

Jennifer Grant

Glenn Greene

Catharine and Andrew Grose

Meredith Hanafi

Ilana Hand

Heidi Hansen

Tony Harris

Frederick Haub

Elizabeth Heider

Derrick Pressley and Francine Hope-Pressley

Fae Jencks

Ken Jost

Lauren Joy

Shanna Kangasharju

Lori Kaplan

Lisa King

Lisa Kinsella

Dave and Lisa Kirby

Deborah Kline

Karen Kok

Jeffery Krummel

Noah Langer

Marlene Laro

Nadine Lavender







Bryan Greene and Sara Lindstrom

The Gene and Ruth Posner Family Foundation

Julie Paller

Catherine Crum and Bo Pham

Rita Rodriguez

Anas "Andy" Shallal

Patricia Smith

Rob and Laura Walther
Leland Larsen

Phylece LeVally                      

Catherine Nagel

Nancy Noonan and John Odenwelder

Martha Revenaugh

Robert Rozier

Irene and Alan Wurtzel

Karen Zacarías

David and Deana Sullivan

Patricia  Weiss

Sylvia Becker and Hugh Winkler

Alex and Lisa Wood

Amy Rudnick and Michael Zeldin



William and Martha Longbrake

Carolyn Martin

Lynne Maxwell

Mary McCall

Kerri and Matt McLaughlin

Jonathan Burr and Noelle Melton

Jordan Meyer

Eric and Jen Miller

Robert Miller

George and Irene Moore

David and Dara Morenoff

Donna Murphy

Polly Mygatt

Bill and Louisa Newlin

Catherine O'Connor

Justin Oliver

Troy Patterson

Anne Poliakoff

Cheryl Swannack and Nancy Polikoff

Egan Reich                        

John and Anne Rigby

Sarah Rohr

Judy Schaengold

Linda and Ken Schatz

Zach Schwartz

Laurie Davis and Joseph Sellers

Howard Shalwitz

David Shapiro

Patricia  Sheehy

Anne and Mark Shields

Emmanuel Smadja

Daniel Smith

Alex and David Snider

Susan Noon and Carmine James Spellane

Chris Stacey

Rachael Swann

Christopher and Julie Upham

Margo Vickers

Johnny Walker III

Thomas White

Betsey Wood

Bill Wright



Jessica Larson
Lorri Latek

Zachary Latta

Sheri Lawal

Beatrice and Habeeb Lawal

Nicole Lefrancois

Maria Lefrancois

Mitch Lerner

Joanne Sincero and Diane Levy

Alexandra Ley

Helen Li

Arturo Lichauco

Greg Chen and Joanne Lin

Jason Loewith

David Lowenstein

Daniel Lutz

Mitch Malasky

Robert Manzo

Claudia Marquez

Lynn Marquis

Edwin Martinez

Samantha Mauceri

Barbara McConnell

Rachael McGarry

Judith McGovern

Kara McGrath

Rachel Menyuk

Joshua Midgett

Kristin Miller

Isaac Miller

Brigitte Moore

Hazel Moore

Tim and Pamela Morin

Sara Mosenkis

Seth Moucka

Bernie Mower

Eleanor Mullaney

Laura Myers

Erica Nachman

Mike Nehmer

Catherine Nguyen

Lillian O'Donnell

Erin O'Grady

Laura Olsen

David Olson

Kylene Page

Rachel Parks

Christopher Peterson

Daniel Peterson

Aaron Pollon

Paul Goldman and Deborah Pomerance

Jim Purekal

Brian and Joan Rea

Jon Reynolds

Denise Riebman

Reyna Rios

Angie Rogers

Sadie Leigh Rothman

Kevin Ruth

Meghan Rutherford

Michael Saltzman

Jason Schlafstein

Lauren Schlenger

Craig White and Alison Schlenger

Kellie Schroeder

Julie Schugars

Molly Schwoppe

Michael Shaw

Joshua Simmons

Leigh Simone

Kalynda Smith

Matthew Sparacino

Robin Halsband and Jeremy Spector

Glen Sperling

Gail Sporer

Juliette Steadman

Naomi Steinberg

Sinead Quinn and Scott Stirneman

Larry Strauss

Vanessa Strickland

Christian Sullivan

Jeanne Svikhart

Kiki Sweigart

Edward Swigert

Olivia Toro and Michael Swigert

Ira Tattelman

Catherine Teoh

Dawn Thomas Reidy

Dave Toomey

Patrick Torres

Joel Uyenco

Job van Zuijlen

Marla Viorst

Christie Walser

Irving Washington

Albert Wat

Ruth Watkins

Scott Whalen

Jennifer Wheeler

Katie White

Elisabeth White

Madeline Whiting

Rachel Wojnilower

Josh Wojnilower

Barney Bauer and Susan Wood

Bridget Woodbury

Will Wurzel

Tricia Wyse

Steven Yenzer

Kristen Yeung

James Zaitchik-Meldon

Mary Zehe

Raquel Zuniga






Bryan Greene and Sara Lindstrom

Jacqueline Macia

Nathan Maggiotto

Amy and Robert Marney

Meegan McVay

Jamal Miller

Ethan Moore

Jackie Moriarty

Catherine Nagel

Ian Armstrong and Adrienne Nelson

Essence Newhoff

Jenny Oh

Elizabeth and Kathleen Okano

Sydney Jacobs and Mark Otto

Jon Paasch

Susannah and Craig Palik

Julie Paller

Laura Worby and Carlos Parada

Ann Marie Pederson

Jo Ann and Mark Pettis

Ilse Peterson

Catherine and Bo Pham

Chamicka Pollock

Susan Popyer

Nancy Prager

Jim Purekal

Michael Ricci

Kimberlee Robinson

Richard Robinson

David Roseberry

Amy Rosenstadt

Sadie Leigh Rothman

Gail Schlenger

Alison Schlenger

Lauren Schlenger

Meha Shah

Patricia Smith

Barbara Snotherly

E.V. Snotherly

Sydney Stakley

Amy Stark

Samuel Stoleru

Pam Sullivan

Jeanne Svikhart

Darius Tahir

Drew Tigges

Gretchen Toles

Veena Trehan

Cayley Tullman

David Van Ongevalle

Ruth Ann Watkins

Scott Whalen

Katherine White

Madeline Whiting

Nicholas Wilby

Elizabeth and Alexander Wood

Betsey Wood

Bill Wright

Tricia Wyse

Karen Zacarías